Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's up Skip?

Meet Stuey....

Go on, say hello - she won't bite!

Stuey turned up at my place yesterday, looking for a good home. Stuey also has a joey in her pouch but I don't have a name for the young one just yet.

Stuey came my way courtesy of a fellow competitor who happened to win a World Title at the world masters track champs. This kind hearted Victorian suggested the roo might make a good daily reminder to me of a goal to ride at next year's championships. What a good idea. I'll just have to find a good place for Stuey to hop around. Just watch out for the magpies round here Stu.

You'll also notice Stuey has a medal around her neck - that's a UCI world champs medal. You see Stuey was one of a special breed of kangaroo that was waiting for the day to become the favourite icon in households around the world.

Stuey's cousins are now all over the world in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, New Zealand, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Austria, Russia and of course all throughout Australia.

Onya Stu!

Only other news to report - I walked about 1,000 metres today, still with the aid of crutches, so bit by bit I'm getting stronger. That's seven days after getting my leg so I reckon that's pretty good going. Next goal is to walk unaided. Not sure how long that will take but hoping for weeks and not months.

Seeya Stu!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Teflon,

I've been catching up on your blog after not reading for a while

I reckon "Larry the Leg" has a nice ring to it or maybe "Jake the Peg" ?

All the best,


Alex Simmons said...

Thanks Paul
Hope all is well. I'm still leaning to "schooner" myself. :)