Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Irony 101

The astute reader would have noticed a small item in a recent post called Bureaucracy 101, where I outlined the tale of obtaining a Mobility Parking Card from the Motor Registry.

Well today I have another funny tale to tell. More of that in a tic.

Today was a pretty important day. I went to the amputee clinic and received my first prosthetic leg. I have taken my first somewhat tentative steps although I still need to use the crutches for support when bearing weight on the "new" leg. I can stand unaided, which is a real novelty, even swinging my hips around in a little jig!

The knee is a little sore in motion and I'm a little awkward as you would expect, my leg has not borne any weight for 7 months and let's face it - it got smashed up pretty badly in my accident.

I'm off to the the rehab ward at the Hospital now to do some training on using the leg. I'll be learning all about things like using these special socks to adjust my fitting, how to walk properly with the leg, exercises to try etc. All a whole set of new sensations to learn and adjust to.

So what about that funny tale?

Well today, of all days, being the day I got my first prosthetic leg, was also the day the local Council decided it would rip up the footpath outside the front of my home and make it a real bastard to walk across for even the able bodied! They'll be installing a new one in the next day or so!

I suppose that's irony.


Anonymous said...

Good news on the prosthetic . Murphy's Law on the sidewalk.

Lawrence said...

These boots were made for walking.... you go Alex :-D

PS great to see you at Worlds