Sunday, March 04, 2007

Track Champs - Day 3

Toot, Toot!

OK, time for a little horn tooting amongst friends....

I rode a PB in the MMAS3 3km Individual Pursuit today. Stats:

Time: 3:47.9
47.4 km/h avg
384 W avg

CTL 88.4
TSB +11.3

1st km: 1:18.86
2nd km: 1:15.23
3rd km: 1:13.75

So I came home strongly. Here's the wko shot (click to see a bigger pic):

Pretty happy with that pacing, especially the start where I seemed to get it just about right. I just bided my time from then and with 1km to go, knew I needed to lift some to beat my set time of 3:48. Very happy to have it in me to do that as so often it's the last km where riders fade badly.

So that's a PB by 2 seconds and by 6 seconds in competition. Still, it didn't get me a finals ride but I'm getting closer and knocking on that door. A 3:45 qualified for bronze ride.

So far I've knocked 18 seconds off my individual pursuit time in the last two years. Guess who's training and racing with a power meter?

Coach & I weren't intending for me to be TSB positive as my taper doesn't start until before Nationals but some poor weather this past week cut me out of some track time and so there you go. A tough couple of weeks ahead of me now.

The two gold medal ride finalists both rode a 3:37 ! That is fast going - they were 2 of the 3 guys that made the podium in yesterday's points race (the other didn't ride the pursuit) in which I got 4th. Some serious engines there.

Others buddies that did really well today:

Michelle C: Gold WMAS 2-4 Individual Pursuit (about 2 secs off a world best time)
Bicisport: Gold 135+ yrs Team Sprint (my club - not me in team, I ain't quick enough!)
Michael P: Gold MMAS4 Individual Pursuit

Nice work from the Tempe track training squad!

Look out Nats.


rmur said...

way to go Alex. Sounds like the coaching, training and racing are all coming together.