Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bronzed Aussie

(with apologies to the late Steve Irwin)

Well I did it. I made the podium at the National Master Track Champs in the MMAS 3 Points Race, finishing in third place behind the super pursuiters of Graeme Albon (NSW - Gold) and Stuart Vaughan (Victoria - Silver).

Having trouble with blogger, so quick report only, hopefully some piccies and a wko file to share next time I report in (we are not allowed to have computers on the bike's bars in mass start track events, so I wired up the PT CPU under the saddle). I will view the file with some interest when I get the chance to download it.

All my buddies had a great championships and they were fantastic in their encouragement and support for me. So a super result. I'm now told I'm entitled to wear the Aussie skinsuit at the worlds in the points race, so that's pretty cool (although it doesn't quite feel right yet I have to admit). Yikes, I better make that final in October!!

It was a pretty brutal race but no laps taken by anyone - no one could do it. Given the quality of the 3 top pursuiters, I was surprised. I picked up points in 5 or 6 of the sprints (finished on 12 I think) and needed to leap frog the 3rd placed rider (Anthony Bishop) in the final sprint, which I did with a good kick to the line and take the bronze.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support - not least of which Ric Stern who's coaching and training is taking me to new levels; but also to Peter Barnard, Tanya Bosch, Alan Townsend, David Willmott, Michelle Crawford and the "mechanic without a cause" - Anthony as well as all the others that cheered me on today. It really helped and I was pleased my result was a popular one.

Congrats also to the other guys in the race who made it a corker! Sluggo said it was the hardest points race he'd ever ridden. I'm not gunna disagree!

Still have a crit to ride but that will be a big unknown quantity.



timboy said...

Well done- don't know the other bloke, but Stuey Vaughan is some seriously tough competition!!!

I know how you feel because I frequently have to watch his back wheel in training and out on the track!!!!

Alex Simmons said...


Yeah the three guns (3km pursuit time / 200m fly time) were:
Graeme Albon (3:34.1 / no time)
Stuart Vaughan (3:34.4 / 12.27)
Anthony Bishop (3:33.5 / 11.98)
and no disrespect to the others either.

So it was a bit of a shoot out at the OK Corral - the rest of us were dodging the bullets although Sluggo fired the odd shot. It was a small field but quality none the less.

Anonymous said...

thats a good sledge alex, it's a fair cop, i'm relieved you didn't refer to me as anthony "crawford", s'pose while ever the missus is smashing golds i'll have to accept that people don't actually know my second name. your spot on, that points heat in oct. wearing an oz skinsuit will be a bit stressfull.

Anonymous said...

Rockin Job!

Hope my results on Sunday are at least as good as yours!

Alex Simmons said...

Anthony - it's all in good fun I trust you realise! Most of the rest of us would dearly love to have the (an) other half provide the support you do for Michelle. I was grateful for your support and confidence in me - hence making the blog! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Congrats Alex!
Since I'm here I may as well note that I remember Graeme Albon winning our Snowbird Hillclimb and other races here in Utah in 1991 as a cat. 3.

Lawrence said...

Well done on medalling Alex. It was great to meet you, although I am sorry we didn't get to chat more. A thing called racing got in the way! heh.

Look forward to seeing you blast around at Worlds!

Dave Shishkoff said...

Hey - congrats!! (Been reading your blog for a few months, love your focus on training with power! Got a PT not too long ago myself, and i'm a fledgling pursuiter and pts racer.)

Graeme visited Victoria BC Canada late last year (i think he was here for MTB worlds, the guy is a maniac!), and stopped by our track - he's a great fellow, fun to race with, and we had a fantastic 'team pursuit' training session dodging field hockey balls (some kids were playing in the infield. ;)

Keep up the great postings, and results! Your blog is a source of inspiration! =)