Monday, April 25, 2011

New Team

Last weekend I had a tune-up race at Eastern Creek. Mainly to have a good hit out and also to ride over part of the circuit that will be used for the UCI World Cup event in early May. I had a puncture which interrupted proceedings for a while but a wheel change saw me back into it and doing my best to put myself in the hurt box often.

Attacks and covers didn't pay off results wise but that didn't matter. I didn't quite make it across to the attack that actually stuck, which featured Eddie Salas, Pete Milostic and Trent Butler. Go figure.

Still, a few silly solo efforts and big pulls on/near the front practicing a few things meant a great hit out.

1hr:22min with Normaised Power of 302W, so not too shabby.

Since then been training pretty solidly, some good longer rides and also started some higher intensity work at around 90% of Maximal Aerobic Power or 120% of threshold power. Nasty buggers those. We call them Aerobic Power Intervals (APIs).

Plenty of racing for me coming over the next few weeks. On the agenda are:

30 Apr: Cervelo Masters Series Round 1 (64km Kermesse)

4 May: UCI Paracycling Road World Cup - 78km road race at combined Eastern Creek Raceway - Sydney Dragway circuit

6 May - UCI Paracycling Road World Cup - 25km Individual Time Trial

8 May - Eddie Salas Mother's Day Cup (75-min + 1 lap)

14 May - NSW State Masters Road Race Championships

15 May - NSW State Masters Criterium Championships

Then in June there is the remaining three races of the four round Cervelo Masters Series.

All of course will be in my new team race kit, and the non-championship races (Cervelo & Salas races) we will be racing as a full squad, which will be uber cool. We all had a full squad practice run together a month back at the Orica Kermesse where we got two of our team up on the podium, so that was a good start.

The lads have been in fine form, with everyone getting results over the past couple of months.

And here's the link to introduce the new race team. Watch out Sopranos, you ain't got nuthin' on us!

Turbo Studio Masters Race Team


Swampy said...

Looks like things are going well Alex. Nice job on the Turbo Studio and the new team...

... but what is it with people at black cycling gear these days? Is there some new fangled science that says that racing in black in when it's 100+F is an advantage?Me - I'd pass out through heat stroke :P