Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do the work, and it will come...

Today I had a training session in Centennial Park.

It was what I call TTIs (threshold tolerance intervals), which were done as two 20-min efforts, with about a 5-min easy riding in between each effort. They are very hard going, ridden at time trial pace. I've written about these plenty before and I've been doing a block of them lately.

As many of you know, I use a power meter on my bike to help monitor my effort as well as record my performance. I've been doing this for many years.

My average power for each TTI today was 314 watts & 313 watts respectively.

That exceeds my all time previous best 2x20-min TTIs (313W & 310W) in January-2007.

That's two years six months after my amputation and one year five months after I attempted to ride for the first time on an indoor trainer (10-min at 100W).

Do the work, and you will improve. Even if you are missing a bit of leg.


Shane Miller - GPLama said...

You've gotta be happy with those numbers, that is awesome!

CB 357 said...

Alex ... you deserve the results, as quite seriously, you've 'reached for the stars' and got there.

I admire, and envy, what you've achieved ... I tried and couldn't do it !

All the best to you my friend


PS I still remember both of us SMSing each other from our hospital beds during the 2007 Tour ... it made a very dark space a little brighter :-)


Unknown said...

All power to you Alex, you're a real inspiration.

I'm just an amateur cyclist, but I've yet to be allowed back onto a bike after having 8 bolts put into my neck (to hold up my enormous brains!!) - I can just think of you & know I'll get there in the end ;0)

All best wishes for the future,

Ciaran said...

thats a savage story well done Alex.

Pretty much my record numbers but with 2 legs! You must be delighted.


Daniel said...

Thats some pretty good power you have there! anything over 300watts is good. Hope you are still training well. cheers, Daniel

Rob said...

Ditto what other posters say, by now from Canada. I love reading your blog and comments on Wattage -- you are proof that dedication and grit are the stuff that cycling dreams are made of. Allez!

Jeff Van Mulligen said...

well done alex!

Steve Palladino said...

Uh Oh...the TSS is going to be a little bit harder to come by ;-)
Fantastic job, very motivating for me.
-Steve Palladino

Axel said...

First, congrats with the numbers, that's real power.
Second, thanks. It's hard to imagine better proof of the axiom 'hard work pays off'. So I'll get back to the work.


Mark R said...

Hi Alex,
Been reading for blog for quite a while. You are a true inspiration. Keep working, I wish the best for your upcoming events.
Mark R

SickBoy said...

Alex, that's phenomenal. Your story continues to be an inspiration and your power training knowledge a valuable tool. :)