Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smith & Wesson

The indoor training Gods have spoken.

This morning was meant to be my Threshold Tolerance Intervals (TTIs) - the good ol' 2 x 20-min workout at near FTP. Target range at the moment for me is 91-96% of FTP (250-265W).

So I drive to park today, hop out to attach my leg and get bike ready, Sam was riding past and sees me so stops to say hello. I get my leg on and roll off, intending do a roll for a lap or two with Sam before getting into it. But of course after 3-min a spoke goes "ping" and that's was it, wheel not in a trainable condition unfortunately. Hop back in car and go home.

So I hop onto Thunderbird 7 instead.

Last week I did my TTIs in the park at 259W and 255W.
On T7 this morning: 258W and 266W.

I intend to do a Quadrant Analysis plot of the indoor vs. outdoor TTIs and post about that soon. I suspect we'll see the difference akin to the mark on a target made by a rifle and a gunshot.


Bruce Diesel said...

Sounds like you've got T7 and outdoors pretty close to each other!

I think you meant rifle and shotgun, not rifle and gunshot :-)

I have a cycleops PT300 on loan, going to test that against my computrainer when the weather cools a bit.