Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Last night was the first night of Team Pursuit training for the squad. Looks like we'll have three teams, which is great. We have some new members in the squad and it's great to get 'em all going.

I did learn one thing - two hours standing up/walking around = sore leg. I had planned to try the gym out for the first time today but I'm afraid the leg is too sore today for that, so maybe tomorrow. Next training session I think I'll use the chair a little more!

Apart from that, I've had a couple of visitors this last week. My brother David came up and we went to watch a day at the SCG Cricket test match Australia v. India. For what was an interesting and at times entertaining contest (in more ways than one), we did seem to pick the slowest day's play with Rahul Dravid scoring slower than a sloth on dope. A stylish batsman normally, Rahul was unfortunately incapable of entertaining on this day.

After that, my good buddy Eamonn visited for the weekend and we did what mates do - go for a drive, visit a couple of pubs and see an action film (well sort of - I Am Legend). The return trip to the car park was a bit of a bugger as the entrance I used on the way in was locked down afterwards and meant a lot of walking and stairs to get back to the car. So a couple of days on the feet a lot have taken their toll and today is an indoors rest up day.

Another buddy of mine (an athlete I coached, before an nasty racing accident cut his riding back severely - sound familiar?) sent me an iTunes album. Now I don't own an iPod and have never used one, so it was off to the iTunes shop to download the software and work it all out. Looks like I'm gunna have some fun ripping my CDs to mp3 for long play disks in the car. What, no iPod?! Crikey - time I made into the 21st Century.

I also managed, after years of never figuring it out, to recover all my old emails from the time I was in hospital and from my last (now dead) PC and import them into my current email (MS Outlook). Considering they were in different email formats (MS Outlook Express & Mozilla Thunderbird), that turned out to be trickier than it should. But I got there in the end. I found a utility written by some geek that sorted out the Thunderbird files, import them into Windows Mail, then into Outlook.