Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jealousy is a curse

Who says real men don't hold hands? I bet they even eat quiche!

OK, so what's new? Well....

My recovery is going well, I don't use crutches any more which is pretty cool although my walking range is still to be built up. It'll be months before I get on a bike though mainly due to the type of prosthetic. :(

I could get a more expensive version (thousands of $) which will enable a pedalling action but my stump will change so much that it won't fit it after 6-8 weeks and it will essentially be useless and I'd need a new one. Prosthetics guru George is going to try and fabricate something for me in Feb '08. So I suppose my next championships will be the '08 Masters Worlds.

Sshhhh - don't tell Schooner - he might get jealous.

Doctors have given me the go ahead to start discussing a return to work plan. That was the recommendation of my Rehab Doctor last week and after consultation with my GP on Tuesday.

My Doctor’s advice is to take it slowly at first, so I am looking for a phased entry of part-time and work from home options to get the ball rolling. He has suggested starting sometime from mid to late-January. It will sure make for a good start to the New Year. I’ll just need to be able to get back on that bike then!

My challenge at work will be more to do with the mental side, dealing with people’s reactions to the disability, the “stress” of the normal work day, readjusting to a newish team, finding my way back to full productivity/value add and so on.

Ride safe kiddies!

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Anonymous said...


Huge props to you, man! People's reactions to such things are often formed by your attitude toward it. You seem so focused on recovery, training, Worlds '08, etc. that it won't take long for people to pick up on that positive vibe and forget about the leg. Good luck. (from a Friend of Fatty)

Dave said...

Great news Alex, I hope 2008 turns out to be a great year for you!