Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Last weekend, 3 buddies & I competed in our State Team Time Trial Championships. We were entered in the Masters 2-4 category. Here we are early on - with Phil having just peeled off and Stan surging a little hard, some shouting was necessary. Pete was following my wheel and was our sacrificial lamb for the day (he's only just started back into training - otherwise I'm sure he'd be tearing our legs off).

The idea was to have a fun outing, given it would be the last chance for us to all ride together as a team (we are all leaving our club and moving on - but that's another story).

Well we came away with the bronze medal, despite time lost through a puncture change, so that was a pretty good result. I'll post some data and thoughts on power files and performance management data later on.

Phil, Stan & myself on "Blood Hill" a few km from the finish. This nasty 2 min hill saw me punching up at 390W. Stan was struggling a little by this stage but we got there!