Monday, October 22, 2007

We have Clearance, Clarence

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of trips to the hospital for various bone and leg scans (three different types!) as well as sessions with Infectious Diseases Docs, prosthetics people, Rehab Doc and my GP. Good news is that the leg scans are much improved on previous ones and the Infectious Diseases Docs have suggested I stop taking the antibiotics for the time being (yay!). Not quite out of the infection woods yet - I will have another set of scans in 4-6 weeks to ensure I am in the clear and will continue with blood tests in the meantime just to be sure nothing flares up.

I’ve also dropped or lowered several other medications, just down to two now.

I go into the amputee clinic this week to have my first prosthetic leg fitted and then after that go back to rehab ward at the hospital to learn how to walk again. I don’t know how long or how many sessions will be required nor what bumps in the road I’ll face along the way (everyone is different) but it’ll likely be a process of gains with some set backs along the way. Still, the days I can mostly do stuff without the crutches will be marvellous.

One example of set back – although seemingly small – the elastic wrap I have on to shape my stump must have been a little tight one day and rubbed some skin off my shin (I can’t feel that part– no nerves there at the moment). I don’t think you can wear a prosthetic when that happens – due to risk of infection. Hopefully I’ll still get to try on my new leg.

The first leg will last 2-3 months, then I get another type of fitting which will also probably last about 3 months before needing replacement. All due to the stump changing shape and size over time.

I managed to take myself out to the velodrome to watch some of the World Masters Track Champs last week. A bittersweet experience, good racing, nice atmosphere but hard watching and not participating. Lots of people from around the world and Australia said hi, which was cool. Sorry if I didn't get to catch up with some. I pretty stuffed just lugging myself around on the crutches and my back was not agreeing with me so I gave the final days a miss.

I’m still working with my GP on a return to work plan. He is not keen for me to start just yet, he wants me to be settled on the leg first and is keeping an eye on the mental side of things. Broadly I am positive and going well (but we all have out moments, don’t we?). It’s all taking longer than I thought but I am grateful for the support I get from everyone.

Bureaucracy 101

It took three trips to the RTA to get my disabled parking card.

Apparently dropping into the Motor Registry with half your leg missing along with the correct RTA form signed by a Doctor to say that you have half your leg missing, is insufficient evidence that you have half your leg missing and could possibly be eligible for a disabled parking card.

Go figure?

Renovation Rescue

I have a new kitchen!! Aside from a few finishing touches (tiling of splashbacks, range hood ventilation pipe and painting!) it’s all but done. The new dishwasher, oven and stove have been put through their paces over the last few days. Other renovation marvels continue. The irony of building an attic that I can’t at the moment climb up to see hasn’t escaped me either!!

House next door sold at auction on the weekend and, well, I was gob-smacked by the price. Glad I bought when I did, no way I could do that nowdays.

Stay safe!


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Hi alex,

Your blog is one of the most inspiring blogs I follow. Your positive attitude is fantastic. I wrote a little bit about your lastest entry:

All the best from Canada