Sunday, October 28, 2007

Legs 11

Thought I'd share a couple of things.....

Firstly, my new leg that I picked up last Wednesday. Here's a pic for you.

This is the bog standard govt. issue prosthetic that will serve me in these inital months. It's such a lovely shade of pink! The top part will probably need replacing as my leg stump changes shape and size with time and use.

In the meantime, I manage the fluctuations in size by using various numbers of "socks". Leg stumps tends to shrink as the day goes on, so the need to add more socks to keep the fitting very snug.

Another really important thing to be done is to name the bugger! You know, "Larry the Leg" or "Cruncher #1" or something much more creative or funny.

Any ideas and suggestions gratefully accepted. The winning entry might even get a prize (or most likely a thank you and a laugh).

Anyway, it's not much good sitting over there by itself, so I took [insert clever new name] for a slow walk around the block today. I still need the aid of crutches as my leg and knee are not up to bearing my full weight as yet but it's a darn sight easier than lugging myself around on crutches alone.

My walk was about 500 meters I suppose, but that's more than I could do this time last week when I couldn't walk at all!

I can also stand up at the bathroom sink to have a shave and brush my teeth, which sounds like a novelty but is just one of those little things you forget about doing easily when able bodied.

As it stands, the leg and the supplies that go with it cost me a $200 contribution with the government's Artifical Limb Service funding the rest of the >$3,000 cost. That will have to be repaid though should I receive any compensation.

The second item to share is my new toy, a Canon digital camera that my friend Tanya bought for me as a thank you for coaching her. I actually got it while in hospital but have to admit I wasn't in much of a mood to be taking photos in there.

My problem then became - how do you take a photo of your own camera? Well I had to cheat of course by taking a pic of the photo on the box it came in. I suppose I could have borrwed someone else's or stood in front of a mirror!

So there it is. An overly generous gift but I am very grateful as I didn't have a digital camera before and haven't dug the old film based SLR out for many years.


Treadly and Me said...

I suggest Two Schooners as a name for the leg--it looks like about that capacity (but feel free to adjust if I've underestimated...)

Lawrence said...

How about Nancy, as in Nancy Sinatra, as in my previous comment? Not sure how you explain that to any significant other you may have though Alex. ;-)

Alex Simmons said...

Not bad at all!

Two Schooners is appealing, not sure I'd get away with Two Jugs though (even though that's probably more like the volume content)!

Nancy would be a hard sell to any prospective other half but I like the lateral nature of the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I'd call it "skip".

You know what the cool thing about this leg is.. finding cooler ones on Ebay! Just think of all the parts that could be converted into carbon fibre..

Better check the Weight Weenies website..


Anonymous said...

I think I'd call him Al, short for both aluminum (aluminium) which the structural member seems to be, and Alex.