Friday, March 02, 2007

Track Champs - Day 1

Just a real quick one tonight-

Day (evening) 1 of the NSW State Masters Track Champs:

My track training buddies did well in tonight's Track Time Trials:

Dave W: Gold in MMAS5 500m
Peter B: Gold in MMAS4 750m TT
Alan T: Silver in MMAS3 750m TT
(Note: Darren King rode a 48.5 sec 750m to take MMAS3 Gold in a world best time)

Michelle C: Silver in WMAS3 500m TT


ta daaa....

Tanya B: Gold in WMAS5+ 500 m TT (0.4sec inside target time). Nice work team!

Now I said she'd do well in my last post on Tanya.

I don't ride the TT. My Points race is tomorrow afternoon but the sprints are first up so hopefully some more precious metals for the squad.