Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shoot 'em up

OK a few piccies for you! All from the State Masters Track Champs last weekend.

I'll have better resolution and real copies before long but these will suffice for time being. Thanks to David Lane of Action Snaps for being the resident photographer.
OK - one from the points race. Here I am (#52) getting taken up the track a bit in an early sprint by a Hunter rider not holding the lane (tsk tsk). Albon (#44) wide in front, with Gascoyne (orange stripes) behind me on the blue and behind him Bishop (Canberra, blue, white & black jersey) - the three riders that finished 1,2,3. I'm the only one in the shot not riding a rear disk!

Next I'm on the tail of this 3 man breakaway on the way to taking a lap in the 2nd half of the race.

Now for the pursuit. Here's me in the start gate just checking the count down.

And another couple showing me from side on and again riding the turn. I ride pretty good lines, you won't see me ride too far from the black line too often. Some riders ride wide in the straights but I've never perceived any advantage so I just take the shortest route to the finish line.

My aero position could probably use a bit more work. My head needs to come down a little some how and eventually a move to clipless pedals. I just like the security of straps.
And one more - this time a bit of fun at the end of the championship - a team sprint with a couple of buddies. I was 2nd wheel. This is the first changeover - pretty well textbook perfect, except perhaps for the contorted look on my face ! Note - 2 x SRMs and 1 x PT power meter in this team. So we could do an analysis of sorts if we really felt like it!

So there you have it - championship racing! Nationals are in two and a bit weeks.
One more hard week and then my taper starts. Good, getting grumpy lately!


Tom said...

I hear ya on getting grumpy. Negative TSB since the 2nd and these API's are killin' me! Can't wait to get my own racing in to start validating the training load.

Great pics!