Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sneaky Peaky

Peter Barnard on my wheel at the Bicisport Track Open last Saturday evening.
Note the "team issue" bikes and PT power meters. We both had some results.

It's been a solid week.

Aerobic Power intervals (VO2 Max work), Lactate Tolerance intervals, high-end tempo and track racing amongst solid endurance workouts. Next up is an endurance ride with a Time Trial pace interval to finish off the week.

Then taper commences. Yay!! Pursuit is nine days away, points race 11 days.

Here's Wednesday night's track workout. APIs in pursuit position followed by some LTIs. Nice n jelly legs after that lot. 10 second smoothing applied to this chart.

Torque zero out again on #1, which you can see by the speed being high but power reading lower than it should. Ongoing issue that torque zero - hub is getting very sensitive ("poor widdle hub") and is changing its zero point way too regularly for my liking. Never used to, so not real sure what's going on there. Saris have no pointers for me unfortunately.

Efforts were not exactly smooth - hard to be perfectly smooth riding a bumpy older outdoor velodrome with variable winds and then there's the traffic to contend with, mostly juniors, so you have to keep your wits about you as they can be a little unpredictable. Best example was the 5th API where I simply had to wait for safe place to over take the motorpacer, while others were sprinting etc etc.

I did try one new thing - using clipless pedals (which was nearly my undoing as one of them is failing and I nearly had to go home before I started). I have replacements thanks to the uber cycle fit specialist, Steve Hogg at I want to move to clipless on the track bike, at least for the pusuit, so I can gain just that fraction more aerodynamic advantage. It was good to ride them and make sure my riding position was not impacted.

Anyway, just about at taper and looking forward to exploring some good form in the championships.

Here's Pete again, this time in the invitation motor pace sprint,
where he clocked a 10.74 second flying 200. That got him into the
"Irish Kierin" final with the likes of Ben Kersten, Danny Ellis & co.

Would liked to have had a pic of the finish of my wheelrace heat to show you, where I crossed the line with Danny Ellis but super photo man Dave Lane at Action Snaps didn't capture my brief moment of glory! So here he is chucking a wheelie at the finish line in the wheel v foot race challenge.

Danny Ellis throws his bike into the air on the line but comes up short against
the Ramsgate Sprinter Travis Clark in the Wheels vs Foot challenge.

'til next time, power on!