Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rehab Week 6: Weighty Matters

Another week, with Room 12 being my home for these past three and a half months. For some reason I managed to score the exact same room position in both wards I’ve been in since leaving the High Dependency Unit.

The bright spot of the week was my surprise birthday party on Thursday evening. Of course it meant a couple of birthday cakes from friends and relatives. There was lots of cake so the nursing staff scored well and I got plenty of brownie points for sharing around. It was a fun night, thanks to Sam and Tanya for organizing and the rest for popping in to share.

Wound continues to do well, gradually getting smaller and staying nice and clean. Seemingly there’s no further sign of infection, so that’s good. If this keeps up I might be outta here in a few weeks. In the meantime I’m still on the vacuum dressing.

Since coming out of the dark days, I’ve put back on all my weight and some more. At the lowest point I had lost 14kg after entering hospital already in race trim having finished the Australian Masters championships a couple of weeks earlier. I was nearly as skinny as Rasmussen!

I’ve regained a lot of strength and now having a bit of fun wheeling myself about in the chair. I’m also about to have my first full day/night without any painkillers.

So a pretty good week.

Nice ride Cadel, we’re proud of you.


Anonymous said...

hey man, just wandered across your fine blog - i read about your accident and the amputation. i find your attitude very inspiring, i'll think of you next time i'm on a mountain thinking of getting off the bike!

good stuff mate, keep it up.