Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rehab Week 3: I.V. League

No, not Yale or Harvard, I mean the intravenous kind. Yep, I’m back on an IV antibiotic drip this week along with some other oral antibiotics.

See I've had a bit of a set back this week – the one remaining patch of wound stubbornly wasn't healing so they dug it out leaving a half inch wide hole an inch and a half deep - and now I've picked up an MRSA infection or commonly known as Golden Staff. If it makes its way to my metal work or bone I'm in trouble.

I'm now being hit with big time antibiotics in a shock and awe campaign to try to knock this bug over (hence back on an IV drip) plus some other oral drugs (I've been through about half a dozen different antibiotics). I have to admit I am pretty worried about it. Hopefully it will all clear up but the downside is not worth thinking about (more surgery, possible further removal of leg).

Otherwise I'm going OK - getting stronger, crutch walking with confidence (up and down a couple of flights of fire stairs) and pushing myself around in the wheelchair when we go for trips out of the building.

At least le Tour has started although I’m not sure I’m gunna manage to stay up every night to watch!


Piotrek said...

Stay positive Alex, despite all. Hey, howbout that McEwen?

Unknown said...

I hope everything turns out well. I really appreciate the updates and it's good to see a lot of positives, even if there are a few things to be worried about. Best of luck!

Liz said...

Bugger! lots of positive vibes flowing from Melbourne for you Alex.

linman said...

Alex, I just wanted to tell you that your blog has been an inspiration to me through some tough times. A month ago, myself and a friend of mine got hit by a truck during a training ride. Now, my back is broken in three places, and I am bound to bed for a total of 8 weeks. It is absolutely awesome to see your positive attitude even though you have plenty to deal with.