Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Off the Air

OK - I've been off the airwaves for a little while. I was changing my internet service provider and that turned out to be a small pain in the butt but I'm back on line now - so time for an update on a few things.

Firstly, the above chart tells a pretty cool story so far. Each of those light blue columns is a day where I have ridden on the bike/trainer. The height of the column indicates how much stress I incurred on that ride (a combination of duration and intensity) and the dark blue line indicates my long term training load, curently at 23 TSS/day. Basically my objective for the coming weeks/months will be to keep training in a way that sees that blue line continue to rise at a sustainable rate.

In the one-month since first turning a crank over on a home trainer, I have:

- ridden on 23 of those days (mostly on the home trainer)
- progressed to using a 155mm crank on the left side (I started with a 100mm crank)
- had my special bike leg attachment fitted
- had two rides outdoors on my real bike
- been able to sustain 190 watts for an hour
- for the first time tonight I was able to do a couple of pedal strokes while standing up.

Here is the power file from my 1 hour ride in Centennial park on Sunday morning. I think an average power of 180+ watts for an hour with an average speed of nearly 30km/h ain't going too bad all things considered.

I was considering racing a crit this coming weekend but I just remembered I have some commitments (coaching at an intro to track session on Saturday). Might take the track bike out though and see how that goes....


Rich Gift Of Lins said...

Alex, quite simply you are an inspiration! Thankyou for effectivily kicking me up the butt when I'm feeling miserable because my legs really ache from Sunday's race.

Unknown said...

Fantastic news Alex... hope to see you around the park sometime soon.

Ade Merckx said...

Damn you cetainly are the FHCM! Your return to racing has really put a smile on my face Alex. A lot of people would've called it a day after what happened to you. Incredible stuff, keep going dude :-)