Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hurry up and wait

So, what's new in the world of Alex?

After all the fun and games of my bad back, trips to the hospital and a false start at work, I was finally upright again and able to do a few things. While I gradually gained confidence in walking around again, it was very clear that my ill fitting prosthetic, otherwise known as "Schooner", was causing some difficulty, discomfort and frequent pain. Anything more than a short walk was too much.

This frustrating period when I am able to do less than I could several months ago, is actually a sign of progress. While my stump has shrunk and it no longer fits my existing prosthetic, it simply means that I need a new and more permanent leg.

I visited my prosthetics specialist George last week, and we've decided on what equipment we will use for my new leg. It was quite interesting actually to listen to George explain all the various components, types of fittings and which would be best suited for the application that I'm interested in, especially something suitable for cycling.

George then took that away to prepare a quote which I received the other day. It will cost me nearly $5,000. Ouch! Still, it's a necessity and its value is far beyond its price. I visit the clinic again next week, where a cast will be taken of my stump and other key measurements made.

I really can't wait as it will be so much more comfortable and functional, and I will be able to make forward progress instead of being in limbo as I am now.

My Dad visited this weekend. He had a good time, and we took the opportunity to have a good catch up.

I went out to Dunc Gray Velodrome last week to watch the Masters national track championships and provide some support for my buddies that were racing in the individual pursuit. There were some great performances, and it was good to see my buddies do well. Congratulations to all on a successful championships. My leg was very sore after that.

See you next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

I am the student prosthetist that George had tailing him back in November, and I've often though about you since your visit to the clinic back then. I'm also a (commuter) cyclist and involved in other elite sport stuff ..........

Anyhow, in The Good Weekend (in SMH/The Age), on p20 ("2ofus), there was a thing about a guy called Marty Vcelka who's a TT amp cyclist like you (or like you will be after you get a good leg!). You have probably checked out all about other amputee cyclists, but in case you hadn't, he sounded interesting.

Also, I read something about handcycles (I know, they're not really bikes, but hell, they'd be good for burning calories and getting the heart going) and I think they're available for loan or hire, at least here in Vic. Worth checking out if that's your kind of thing.

Anyhow, go well,


DW said...

In January I ruptured my achilles tendon, then after three weeks of immobilisation, developed 4xDVTs. To go from last year's 11-24 hrs / wk training to nothing, then 30 minutes a day on the indoor trainer only (no riding outside allowed) for the last 16 weeks has gutted me.

Your blog, by a fellow Aussie, coping with the stuff you are going through has helped me no end in keeping this situation in perspective.

Just as there's always someone quicker than you, there's also people dealing with worse crap than you.

Thanks for sharing, and all the very utmost best in the new leg, I hope it allows you to further pursue something you clearly love in cycling.