Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tip Toe through the Tulips

Well, not quite.

I did something new today. What's that ad say - "how long has it been since you did something for the first time"? An airline ad I think.

Anyway, as reported in my last post, I've started walking along on my new leg, which I've decided to call "Schooner" by the way, with the aid of crutches. I've been gradually able to walk further, with a walk to my local shops and back last weekend (that's about a mile) and another cruise this afternoon of a kilometer or so. My knee is getting stronger, a little less pain as I begin to bear my weight on it walking.

So what's new? I started this walking caper last time I wrote. Well today I tried to take some steps without putting the crutches down on the ground. Up until today, this resulted in immediate pain and feelings that the knee would give way, quickly getting me to put the crutches down again.

Well today I tried again, and low an behold the knee held up, just, with no pain. It was a bit wobbly. So I tried another step and it worked again. Very small steps mind you and not exactly a pretty gait but I got from the lounge room to the kitchen without the need to put the crutches down.

OK - so I have done this before, when I was a baby and took my first steps - but in this case I qualify since I can't remember taking my first steps as a baby.

It was a pretty weird feeling I have to say. So while on my walk around my local streets today I walked while holding up the crutches for about 10-15 metres. Again, slow, not exactly super steady but just being able to do it was a great feeling. Well done Schooner.

It's nice to do something new. Why not give it a go yourself?


Rich W said...

I'm not sure what type of crutches you're using but I find that the Lofstrand (aka Canadian, aka forearm) type are much easier to use, and are less bulky...overall a better experience for long time use.

Another tip is to transition to just a single crutch...use it opposite of the amputation side. It allows a much more "normal" type of gait but still will give you a lot of support.

Liz said...

Way to go Alex! (and Schooner)