Saturday, May 26, 2007

A New Dawn

Well I've been very quiet lately. I trust by now most regular readers would understand the reason being my accident back in April and hospitalisation since then. I have unfortunately had to have my lower left leg amputated.

That is not of course an ideal prep for the world Masters Track Champs so I now have to completely reset my goals and aspirations for the bike. I fully intend to get back to riding and racing and will get there with some support from a lot people.

I will chart my progress and keep up the chat on the power meter in my training. I will be very interested to find out how strong I can get compared to my able bodied state.

Enough for now, not a lot of energy while confined to my bed.

Cheers and safe ridinng to all



Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts Alex. Get well.

Anonymous said...

As a long time reader of your blog I just want to say good luck with the recovery and it will be great to read some more race/training reports in the not too distant future.


Anonymous said...

As another human being who bears the name, I felt the need to wish you well. May you obtain all the support you need, and achieve all the goals you set for yourself. Tp paraphrase something my parents used to say .. "They can knock us down, but with a strong mind and heart, they can't beat us." Take care.

Alex Simmons, USA

Lawrence said...

Great to see you back online Alex. The Mexicans are barracking for you :-).
I suspect you will be even deadlier when you get back up to speed on the bike.

With you is The Force Alex ;-)


Treadly and Me said...

Hmm, "not an ideal prep"? That's putting it mildly!

Good luck with the rehab and recovery.

Anonymous said...

Damn Alex I haven't read your blog since your accident. Wow mate I wish you all the best with your recovery. Your blog is probably the best one I've read. Stay strong bro you're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Damn Alex you're an absolute inspiration!! Stay strong Bro and keep the blog going cause its definitley the best one I've read. Peace and a good recovery, Ademerckx

El jefe said...

Kia kaha Alex. Jeff

Liz said...

All the best Alex. With your determination, it wont be very long before we hear about your latest power output.
Give those rehab therapists heaps!

Anonymous said...

I hope the road to recovery smooths out quickly for you Alex.

Anonymous said...

Alex, My thoughts and best wishes are with you and the family cuz. Have no doubt you will come back strong.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will rise to the challenge of the new goals you set.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for ages, I got a shock today! Are you allowed to talk about what happened?


Alex Simmons said...

I'm happy to talk about any aspect of what happened, what do you want to know?

In short I hit an unsighted boomgate which was closed across a familiar cycle training route.

My left leg just under the knee took all of the impact. Nothing else was damaged apart from a small cut on the chin.

I broke some bone - Tibial plateau and fractured top of fibia, smashed a large artery under my knee, ended up with compartment syndrome and ultimately most of the muscle flesh in my lower leg died as a result of the injuries sustained from the impact and the blood flow restrictions I encountered.

After many weeks of trying to save it, the leg became non-viable and so it needed to be removed. Would become a liability and potential danger to my life otherwise.

So eventually I get to get about on a brand new leg! Cool, huh!? Haven't got it yet though.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm just a random reader. Very sorry to here of your misfortune, but you sound like your in good spirits. Adversity in life gives you obstacles to overcome, otherwise, whats the point? All the best to you.