Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One of those days...

Best laid plans.....

Yesterday I was to start some new interval work - a change in training focus as workouts become more specific to my race goals.

Aerobic Power Intervals, intervals working at a power level equivalent to Andy Coggan's L5 or near enough to pVO2 Max (power at VO2 Max). Intention was up to 6 x 4 minutes efforts in a zone around 110%-115% of FTP. On the pursuit bike.

So I have the day off work, the velodrome is open and I have my new bike ready to rock 'n' roll.

I had a good warm up, rolling steady for a while and then 15-20 minutes riding behind Commonwealth Games kilo champion Ben Kersten with Aussie bike legend and NSWIS coach Gary Sutton on the derny. Perfect.

OK - so it was time to get cracking. Shame my legs didn't want to play ball.

Effort #1 was tough (they're not meant to be easy but it was a bit too hard if I was expecting to do up to 6 of these) and well, I was simply unable to complete remaining intervals at the set power. I tried an extended break in the forlorn hope of maybe coming good (but having done similar before I knew it was a slim chance). Forlorn it was.

So if the legs won't do it, no point trying for a lower power level as that's not going to achieve the desired adaptations, so I pack up and go home.

Phil Thuaux was also there about to start a similar type of work out with Gary Sutton on the apron, stopwatch in hand, yelling out the pacing intructions. His medal at the UCI Track World Cup
Sydney round in the Individual Pursuit was a great break through (I was right there cheering him on). Not sure if he's off to LA for the next round in a couple of weeks.

They all like my new bike. A carbon fibre Teschner Track Pro.

It was my first formal set of these type of intervals, coming off a fairly solid block of training, a new track bike and pursuit position .... Perhaps it was just a little ambitious.

All up I'm not that worried but it's frustrating when you have the time and facility available and the legs weren't up to using them. As long as I can see an improvement next time....



Hi Alex,

Cool that you're training with Gary and Phil. I saw Phil a few times at uni games a couple of years ago and he's a lovely guy and very talented rider. It looks like he's taken to track like a fish to water. Good luck with your pVO2 work...

Cam McKenzie

Alex Simmons said...

Hey Cam

Well I wouldn't exactly say I was training with them, I just happened to be there at the same time. But yeah - Phil seemed a friendly bloke and asked what I thought of the Teschner. "Good" I say "but it's really my first proper outing on it". Seems a smart dude too and looks good on the track bike! I joked with Gary as I thought he had a slightly evil grin on his face after Phil's first effort. He admitted he did.

I decided to try lifting saddle 2mm to provide a fraction more clearance for legs. My position is more aggresive than I'm used to, so I'm hoping I simply have an adaptation period.